philoc lance un appel à soutien – Contact d’une marque fétiche : ZOTAC

ZOTAC, des PCs des PC intégrés ultra performants, au design fantastique

This post is the copy of a call for sponsorship sent to ZOTAC on December 4, 2020. I will keep you informed of any feedback received !

My name is Philippe, aka Philgeek for friends and visitors on my Philoc web site : . I am 60 year old, living in Paris. As advertised on Philoc, I like to built my custom IoTs. I associate them with nice audio equipment ( Bang and Olufsen, Technics, Onkyo, Marantz …) and also nice computing machines, such as Zotac mini-PCs. I am fan of audio streaming at home, as long I can get quite good results creating my custom configurations. I exclusively use Linux open source software. Zotac Mini-Pcs are ideal targets. I have started using my old Zotac MAG HD. Nowadays I buy & refurbish additional ZOTAC PCs, in order to extend my demos. I publish tutorials on Philoc. I promote my favorite concepts : Do It Yourself, ReUse, Energy Saving, Cost Optimized ...

The average cost of an old but reconditioned ZOTAC ZBOX is about 100€. People are always amazed to discover the efficiency of a Linux Mint hosted on a 10 year old ZOTAC. I’m using now 5 ZOTAC machines, and I would like to continuously increase my integration capabilities. The very good feedbacks received from visitors and members of Philoc is a big source of motivation.

I think that the success of an equipment relies on the combination of esthetic's in design and functionality. This is an evidence with HiFi configurations from Bang and Olufsen built from the 70’s to the 90’, but this is also with ZOTAC equipment. Of course your oldest ones, but apparently your newest ones, which sounds as magic each time I browse your web site. Definitively, I like to combine audio design and computing design. This triggers my imagination. For example your punchline « small machines – big capabilities » sounds like an evidence. And each person having a ZOTAC in hands understands immediately.

I’m starting a call for sponsorship in order to extend the audience on Only 5 essential technology players will be asked for. ZOTAC is part of them, of course. Additional contribution is expected to come from Philoc site members and visitors. As short, any help from Zotac will be welcomed. Privileged access to some of your machines, old or new, for test or integration purposes, would help so much, but I can see many other ways to promote shared ideas.

Sincerely yours.


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